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Choice Lots for Your New Home

Shown below are two samples of new Jacobsen homes that can be installed on your lot.  Bradenton Tropical Palms will give you the lot with the purchase of a share in our community for $48,000 and maintenance fees of only $195* per month.  For more information on purchasing a Jacobsen Home and having it installed on a BTP lot go to or email

*Fees may vary slightly from year to year depending on community operating budget.

New Jacobsen home installed at BTP in 2018
New Jacobsen double wide home installed at BTP in 2018
New home3.jpg
New Jacobsen double wide home recently installed at BTP with only the skirting and finished touches to complete before the owner moves in.
New home hotdog4.jpg
new home hotdog3.jpg
Both sections of a new Jacobsen double wide home being brought into one of the many choice lots available at Bradenton Tropical Palms for your new home.
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